Getting Involved

There are so many opportunities to participate in the UN Youth experience!


UN Youth is an organisation that is run entirely by youth volunteers. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, consider standing for election as an office holder. UN Youth has a National Executive that oversees the general strategic direction of the organisation and four regional councils that run regional events in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago. Find out how you can get involved by emailing the regional President closest to you: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago. Apart from Model UN’s, regions also run social events, public lecture events and other programmes that you can get involved in.

University and high school students are welcome to stand for office. Check your region’s website to see which positions are available. You may also find that there are designated University or High School representative roles.

Event Organisers

Another way to get involved is to become an event organiser for a regional Model UN or one of the national Model UN conferences. Being an event organiser is an incredibly rewarding experience, and it is so satisfying to see delegates enjoying themselves at a Model UN event you have organised. Applications for event organisers are posted on the unyanz website and facebook. There are also smaller organisational roles like Registrations Officer, Social Events Coordinator, Conference Staff Coordinator and Logistics that might interest you.

Conference Assistants

Conference assistants are integral to a good Model UN and are the invisible hands that make a conference run so smoothly. At most Model UN’s, there will be at least one Chairperson (who guides the debate according to the rules of procedure) and a Secretary (who plays an administrative role). At some university Model UN events, the Chairperson is called a Director. Conference assistants can also be note-passers.
At larger Model UN events, like the NZ Model UN, there will be a much larger team of conference staff who fulfil a variety of roles, including Regional Grouping Director, Newspaper Editor and Photographer. Becoming a Conference Assistant is a great way to get involved in UN Youth and to have fun!


Most of our members participate as delegates at our regional, national or international events. Students attend our conferences as diplomatic representatives of different member states. You can participate in a Model UN event as an individual delegate or as a member of a delegation.

The major Model UN events in the UN Youth calendar include:

For high school students:

  • Regional Model UNs - March/April
  • New Zealand Model UN – June/July
  • Regional Model Security Council – Second half of the year
  • Regions also run other Model UN’s apart from these main events

In addition to our national repertoire, UN Youth also sends youth delegations to:

  • United Nations Youth Conference (UNYC), Australia - July
  • The Hague International Model United Nations (UNYC), The Netherlands - January

For university students:

  • Regional Model UNs
  • Regional Model Security Council
  • New Zealand Model Security Council – second half of the year

In addition to these events, you may be interested to these international Model UN events. Please note that UN Youth may not send official delegations to these events:

  • Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC) – July
  • Harvard World Model United Nations (Harvard World MUN) – March/April

Model UN Clubs

At high school

Outside of UN Youth, you can join the Model UN club at your school. If there isn’t one, you could create your own. Before you try to create a club, make sure that one doesn’t already exist. It is usually easiest to start a club by working with a teacher. Teachers in the humanities, social studies or history department are likely to be the most interested in helping you coordinate a Model UN club. Joining a Model UN club can help you hone your leadership skills.

At university

Many universities have UN or Model UN clubs. To find out which university UN clubs are affiliated with UN Youth, contact your nearest regional president in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Otago.


UN Youth has a strong online presence. Keep up to date by checking our website, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

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