Maori Tikanga

UN Youth Aotearoa New Zealand is committed to the development of Māori rangatahi in Aotearoa.  We work hard to work with rangatahi from these communities in order to impart the soft skills learned in our organisation of public speaking, negotiation and soft skills in endeavouring to foster rangatiratanga of the future.  Our commitment is embodied in the principles below that we keep at the heart of our organisation and strive to reflect in the work we do as volunteers.


Manaakitanga – he tāonga tuku iho te reo.
The language is a precious heirloom bequeathed from previous generations to the next.
We strive to emphasise the importance of te reo in Aotearoa.


Rangatiratanga – he kaha kit e whakaara i te iwi.
The leadership inspires and mobilises the people.
UN Youth New Zealand works hard in developing leaders for the future and many of our alumni have gone on to found organisations and become leaders in their field as global citizens. 


Wānangatanga – te whakatō i te kākāno.
To sow the seeds of knowledge and impart upon them an education.
Education is our key facet and we strive to develop education about international issues and the United Nations whilst also focusing on issues closer to home in New Zealand, our education environment is aimed to foster the minds of young people to develop into leaders and change makers of the future. 


Whanaungatanga – te here i te taurā herenga tangata.
To thread the social fabric upon which all people are interwoven.
As noted we are an educational Non-Government Organisation that works hard to develop young people who are adamant about effecting change in New Zealand and in the global environment.


Kōtahitanga – te hāngai tētahi ki tētahi.
Holistic interrelation, bound by the thread of humanity.
We work hard to respect the differences in our organisation as well as create a community that accepts young people from all walks of life. 

Mōhiotanga – kia rauahia ki te waha.
To place directly into one’s mouth, information imparted to (an) apprentice(s) by their mentors.
UN Youth is run by university officeholders, we are a youth-for-youth organisation that works hard in fostering young leaders for the future.  In doing so, we put in an innumerable amount of hours of service into providing educational opportunities for our young people, at the regional, national and international level with the events and opportunities that we provide.

For any further questions about engagement with Māori rangatahi please contact National Education Officer Jason Armishaw at


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