National Council

What is the National Council?

The National Council is the supreme policy-making representative body of National and Regional UN Youth office holders that meets 3-4 times a year around the country to discuss how the organisation is running and to give policy direction to those who are administering UN Youth nationally (the National Executive), regionally (Regional Councils) and those running events or facilitating delegations.

Who is National Council?

There are currently seven votes in National Council: National Executive, National Events, International Events, and the four regions Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago. Anyone is allowed to attend National Council and speak, but only one representative from each of those groups is entitled to vote on motions.

Current National Council members

  • National Executive: Sally Wu
  • Auckland President: Charlie Lin
  • Wellington President: Jonathan Gee
  • Canterbury President: Margot Shanahan
  • Otago President: Mike Peebles
  • National Events: Andrew Chen
  • International Events: Erin Jackson

For contact details, please refer to our Contact page.

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