National Executive

What is the National Executive?

The National Executive is the committee charged with managing UN Youth at a national level, as directed by the National Council. The National Executive is accountable to the National Council, and is elected at the organisation's Annual General Meeting, held every December.

Whereas the National Council meets quarterly to hold the National Executive, Regional Councils and various UN Youth programmes to account and to set the organisation's broader policies and direction, the National Executive is charged with implementing that policy and direction on a day-to-day basis.

In between National Council meetings, the National Executive oversees the organisation and execution of UN Youth's various national programmes, ensuring that coordinators and organising committees have the support they need and are making progress in accordance with the direction of National Council. The National Executive is also responsible for the considerable day-to-day administration of the organisation, such as its financial affairs, which range in scale and complexity from regional dinners to conferences as large as NZ Model UN and delegations abroad to THIMUN in The Netherlands and NatCon in Australia. In addition, the National Executive must ensure that UN Youth meets the many legal and taxation requirements required of the organisation as a registered charity and an incorporated society.


Who is the National Executive?

The National Executive is led and chaired by the National President, who also chairs the National Council and leads the organisation as a whole. Four Officers hold portfolios that may change from year to year according the organisation's focus, while Finance and Administration roles remain constant. Current Officer positions are: Communications, Education, Relationships, Volunteers and Finances and Operations. Each Officer manages a different aspect of the organisation. Together, the National Executive are responsible for strategic direction and day-to-day decision-making on a national level.


The Current National Executive

National President - Sally Wu

Sally is 22 and a fifth year student at the University of Auckland, majoring in Law and Biology. She was first inspired by UN Youth at a Model United Nations conference in 2007. Since then, she has immersed herself in the network of amazing young people within the organisation. In 2012, Sally coordinated the Youth Declaration conference and served as president of the Auckland Regional Council. She directed the Pacific Project development trip in 2013. Sally loves going to markets, dancing and enjoying good food with friends and family.


National Operations Officer - Brittany Rea

Brittany was born and bred in the gorgeous garden city of Christchurch but is now in her second year studying Law and Commerce at the Univeristy of Auckland. Having been heavily involved in UN Youth since high school her passion for the people in this organisationa and what it does hasn't ceased. When she isn't studying for upcoming tests, exams and assignments you will find her hitting the track training for a marathon, selling shoes and getting involved in everything and anything. She lives her life by the following ideal- the world is full of opportunites and its up to you to grab them with both hands and run with them.


National Finance Officer - Emil Kiroff

Emil is a 20 year old, third year student at the University of Auckland. He majors in Accounting, Finance and Law. He is from Auckland and got involved in UN Youth from high school. Since then he was the Finance Officer for NZ Model Security Council, and went to Harvard National Model UN earlier this year. Finance has always been one of his passions. He has competed internationally on case competitions and worked in the commercial banking sector. Emil leads an active lifestyle, which involves swimming, mountain biking, and orienteering. Watching action movies is another of his favourite past times, whilst his love for travel has seen him at the summit of Mt Fuji and in the depths of the Black Sea.


National Relations Officer - Simon Gyenge

Simon is 22 and in his fifth and final year at the University of Auckland studying Law and Science, majoring in Geography. Born in Wellington, he spent his schooling years in Tauranga before moving to Auckland for University. His involvement in UN Youth began in Year 10 with attendance at various local, regional and national Model UN events culminating with attendance as a delegate to The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) 2009. He has facilitated at Youth Declaration and was Assistant Director for the Pacific Project 2013. Simon can’t wait to get some more travel under his belt and loves almost every outdoor sport including snow and water skiing, football and running.


National Volunteers Officer - Kya Lal

Kya is 22 and completed her Arts degree majoring in Pacific Studies during Summer School at the University of Auckland. This year marks her fifth year at the University of Auckland where she hopes to complete her LLB by the end of the year. Kya grew up in Fiji until 2006 when she moved to an Auckland Boarding School to finish off high school. In her seventh year with the organisation, Kya has worked in almost every aspect of the organisation. Kya is almost always constantly in motion when she does find some down time you can usually find her in a book, at yoga, or hanging out with family and friends.


National Education Officer  - Jason Armishaw

Jason is 19 and a third year student at the University of Auckland majoring in Law and Economics. He grew up in Auckland and has been involved in UN Youth since 2010 as a High School student. Since then Jason has held numerous roles in UN Youth, including co-ordinating the national event Youth Declaration. He has also held the role of Auckland Vice President for High Schools in 2012. Jason is excited to take on the position of National Education Officer and to bring bold and innovative change to the way that UN Youth creates educational content. In the little spare time that he has Jason enjoys tramping, swimming and hanging out with mates.

National Communications Officer - Mathew Rex

Mathew Rex is a fourth year Marketing student, studying honours in Marketing at Victoria University in Wellington. He has been involved with UN Youth NZ since 2010, in his 7th form year. Since then he has been involved with the Wellington Region, serving in consecutive terms as a general member, then as the Vice-President for Universities. In addition he has been involved with several Wellington and National events, including NZ Model Security Council 2012. Mathew is a keen basketballer, musician and gamer, and loves nothing more than taking kids to school on the court.

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