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A little history...

The United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand began 2011 as UN Youth Aotearoa New Zealand with a fresh new face, a new name, and a professional updated look.  UN Youth New Zealand, and our distinctive new branding is the final product of a comprehensive rebranding process which began in early 2010, when the then Vice-President for Education Richard Evans began approaching brand design agencies.

UN Youth inherited a legacy of acronyms (including a prominent one associating us with a pungent vegetable), and a static, black and white logo which did not reflect the vibrant youth-for-youth organisation we were.  To address these issues, UN Youth commissioned Chrometoaster to create a strong new brand centred around the idea of “inspiring global citizens”.

Having recently celebrated its twelfth birthday, UN Youth has become an increasingly recognisable and respected organisation – the new brand has enabled us to convey a sense of professionalism which reflects this.

Our brand - our values.

At UN Youth, we believe that young New Zealanders will define the future, locally and globally, through the spirit of the United Nations. With awareness and understanding and by acting with respect and integrity, we will be inspiring global citizens.

RESPECT. We identify with communities beyond national borders and understand the role of youth in a globalised world. With an open mind and through shared experiences, we build relationships of trust in our communities.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS. We defend the right of everyone to share their opinions and believe that we should respect the views of others.

SPIRITED. Our youthful enthusiasm for the rights and dignity of our fellow human beings drives our determination to challenge and change attitudes.

EMPOWERED. We are committed to unlocking the potential of youth and equipping them with the necessary skills to excel. Our organisational culture encourages and rewards leadership.

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