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Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2023 Volunteer Registrations


12 - 16 April


University of Auckland, Auckland CBD


Registrations Close

16 March 2023

*Please Note: This form is for tertiary volunteers registrations. Not high-school participants. Please check out the main participants event page here for further information.*

What is AYD?

Aotearoa Youth Declaration is one of UN Youth’s flagship events, and the only one which produces a document which is pushed into public offices of change-making. Participants aged 13-18 (Years 9-13) from all over Aotearoa come together through Hui’s across Aotearoa to contribute their thoughts and experiences to what will become the ‘Youth Declaration’, a document which is representative of a broad and in depth youth perspective on current public policy.

During the Hui’s, participants work in scoped Rōpū (committee groups) to recommend policy solutions on a large range of current issues. Each Rōpū examines problems relevant in Aotearoa, and then contributes a solution to the issue based on each participant's unique perspective and experiences around the issue, and these solutions comprise the Aotearoa Youth Declaration document. The Aotearoa Youth Declaration document is passed on to decision-makers, such as MPs, local Councils and Boards, and other  influential people, in order to help them decide the future of Aotearoa which Rangatahi will inherit.

2023 Volunteer Role Descriptions

Rōpū Facilitator

Rōpū facilitators are the primary educational role at Aotearoa Youth Declaration, they are the volunteers who shape AYD into an event different to other UN Youth conferences. Rōpū facilitators have a passion for and level of confidence in their knowledge surrounding the topic of their chosen rōpū, as well as being able to facilitate an engaging and safe environment for everyone at the conference. As a rōpū facilitator it is essential that you are able to balance your own knowledge and points of views with an understanding that AYD is designed for our participants. We need you to guide discussions, facilitate workshops and foster a sense of community all whilst staying fun, mature, and empathetic to our participants’ diverse needs and experiences.

Welfare Officers

Welfare officers are the first point of contact for any participant or volunteer. Whether you want to talk to someone about your physical, mental or spiritual well being, welfare officers are the go-to person. Welfare officers are vital to the function of AYD and help create a safe and positive environment for everyone at the event. The welfare team will consist of first-aid certified individuals alongside volunteers passionate about supporting the physical and mental welfare of our participants and volunteers. A welfare officer must also be organised and a quick communicator, staying in touch with the Head of Welfare and rest of the welfare team throughout the conference to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all.

Logistics Officer

Logistics officers are the volunteers that hold the whole conference together, they are like our glue. They are those working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the conference. A logistics officer's role is multifaceted and is vital to the operation of the event. Logistics officers should be able to think on their feet to tackle ever-changing challenges. You will work under the AYD 2023 Committee Logistics Officer, and need to be able to work in a team, communicate effectively and follow instructions to ensure a smooth series of events throughout the conference.

Media Officer

Media officers capture and document memories and moments at the conference. From snapping candid shots during a heated discussion to editing footage for the closing ceremony, media officers are crucial to our promotion effort.

We are seeking photographers and videographers and everything in between. Media officers will need access to, and experience with, their preferred tools, typically a DSLR camera or equivalent. Editing skills are also essential.

Māori and Pasifika Liaisons

Aotearoa Youth Declaration values inclusion and diversity. Over the past couple years our spaces have diversified significantly, and as new faces enter conversations, being able to support them is a top priority at our events. Help us do that as an M&PI Liaison. Check-in with underrepresented youth, including those from Kura Kaupapa Māori, get to know them and help make their time at the conference as enjoyable as possible. We will be running lunchtime sessions with our participants, feedback and feedforward opportunities to check in, and all in a space manned by you and the Equity Officer of the event. M&PI Liaisons will have great leeway and freedom to explore and discover ways to best engage and enable the participants in rooms where their voices are valued. Nevertheless, qualities like empathy, openness, cultural sensitivity, and a warm personality are still vital to the role!

LGBTQ+ Liaison

The role of the LGBTQ+ Liaison is to provide dedicated and specific support to LGBTQ+ rangatahi attending Aotearoa Youth Declaration. In our efforts to create an accessible and empowering space, we hope our LGBTQ+ liaisons can help us ensure that queer and rainbow participants feel safe, respected and comfortable at the conference. Liaisons need to be empathetic, approachable, and comfortable handling conversations which may be sensitive at times. It is your job to check in participants, and aid us in creating safe spaces for our rainbow participants at AYD 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the conference or any specific role, please do not hesitate to contact Chris, the Volunteers Officer at [email protected]

We look forward to reading your application. Good luck!

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