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New Zealand Model United Nations 2024 Head Volunteer Registrations


4-7th July


Wellington, Te Herenga Waka (Victoria University), Pipitea campus - Rutherford House and Old Government Building


Registrations Close

25 February 2024

Event time: 4-7th July

Training Hui: 3rd July 9-5PM

Point of Contact for questions and concerns: [email protected]

What is Model UN?

NZ Model UN (NZMUN) is UN Youth’s flagship Model UN conference. The event offers four days of thrilling debates, engaging guest speakers, and an all round inspiring experience. Through high quality educational content and facilitation, delegates interested in global affairs, debating, or civics have the chance to experience the Model UN format at its most premier level. Between engaging problem-solving workshops, to simulated committee sessions, students will be given a platform to discuss important topics relevant to global affairs. In the process of debate, students will learn more about the world and their place in it as a global citizen. As a volunteer, you'll play a vital role in facilitating the simulation of global diplomacy in the form of committees, and plenary sessions. 


We are a non-profit organisation that provides civics education outside the traditional classroom context. Through fun workshops and conferences, we engage youth in the most pressing affairs of their country and the international community. Our goal is to inspire young New Zealanders to be active, global citizens. Global citizenship exists in an incredibly diverse range of forms, and UN Youth provides opportunities for delegates to develop their own form of active citizenship. Throughout Aotearoa, our work equips young people to become informed, engaged, and critical New Zealanders who understand their global context and the connections between the local and the global. Annually, over 3000 young New Zealanders from Northland to Southland attend a UN Youth event, run by a body of over 150 volunteers across the country who dedicate many hours of their time to engaging young people and growing the organisation.

Head Volunteer Role Descriptions

Head Of Welfare

The Head of Welfare plays a pivotal role in leading the Welfare Team at NZMUN while ensuring the well-being of both delegates and volunteers. Before NZMUN begins, the Head of Welfare collaborates closely with the NZMUN committee to design and optimise welfare outcomes and conduct training for the Welfare team. If you have a genuine passion for the welfare of others, we invite you to sign up for this crucial role. To be considered for the position of Head of Welfare, you must hold a valid First Aid Certificate and have volunteered at UN Youth in a welfare capacity before. By taking on the responsibility of Head of Welfare, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the overall experience of participants and volunteers. You will facilitate the educational objectives of the event by designing and leading a supportive and caring atmosphere throughout the event.

Head MPI Liaison

The Head Maori and Pacific Islands (MPI) Liaison oversees the MPI program at NZMUN, but the nature of the program may vary based on your vision. You will design the program, contribute to committee decision making and lead a team of MPI liaisons. The Head MPI Liaison will collaborate closely with the NZMUN committee to ensure alignment with the overall conference objectives, working towards a shared program vision, and fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for MPI attendees. This program is integral to the conference, as the unique perspectives of MPI youth need true representation and advocacy in committee spaces. By taking on the role of Head MPI Liaison, you can contribute significantly to the cultural diversity and inclusivity of NZMUN.

Head Of Press

The Press Program is a unique piece of NZMUN. Press delegates observe the day's events and compile them in a daily newspaper that is electronically distributed to attendees. The Head of Press directs this program, which typically entails workshops, speakers, and mentorship from Press Delegate Facilitators. The responsibilities of the Head of Press are to put their Press Program into action and work with the committee to integrate the program into NZMUN.

Regional Delegation Director

As the Regional Delegation Director, you will lead a dynamic team of regional delegation volunteers in planning and executing the Delegate Regional Delegation program. The Regional Delegation Director will collaborate with the Committee to book travel for delegates and craft a compelling vision for Regional Delegation. Some of the Director’s duties will include designing daily itineraries, costing meals and ensuring the wellbeing of delegates through a welfare plan. The Regional Delegation Director plays a pivotal role in executing a memorable and positive Regional Delegation experience for delegates.

Head Neurodiversity Liaison

The Head Neurodiversity Liaison is a fairly new role in the UN Youth sphere. It focuses on the experiences of our neurodiverse and disabled delegates and how their event experience can best be improved. The role will collaborate with any other neurodiversity Liaisons in order to advocate for an often overlooked group, as well as advising the equity officer on how to include neurodiverse and disabled delegates in the Equity plan. This role may be double hatted with another role within NZMUN, conditions will be discussed upon appointment.

Head Queer Liaison

As the Head Queer liaison you will coordinate a team of other liaisons to help represent and assist the LGBTQIA+ delegates attending the event. There are responsibilities to coordinate with the equity officer and help to organise welcoming spaces such as a queer morning tea where people can get food and chat. You will also be advocating for delegates and trying to make the event a safe space for them to be in.

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