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New Zealand Model United Nations 2024 Volunteer Registrations


4-7th July


Wellington, Te Herenga Waka (Victoria University), Pipitea campus - Rutherford House and Old Government Building


Registrations Close

5 May 2024


Are you passionate about global affairs, leadership, and making a difference? New Zealand Model UN (NZMUN) is UN Youth’s flagship Model UN conference happening on the 4th - 7th July 2024. Hosted at Victoria University in the heart of Wellington, NZMUN offers high school students the chance to experience life as a diplomat or press reporter in simulations of the United Nations general assembly and other committees. The event draws over 200 students and tertiary aged volunteers from across New Zealand for four days of thrilling debate, engaging guest speakers, and an all round inspiring experience. Through high quality educational content and facilitation, delegates interested in global affairs, debating, or civics have the chance to experience the Model UN format at its most premier level.

As a volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to develop essential skills like leadership, communication, and teamwork while making a lasting impact on the youth of New Zealand. Whether you're interested in chairing committees, facilitating workshops, supporting delegate welfare, or capturing memories as part of the media team, there's a role for you to shine and contribute. You will also get to attend the NZMUN Gala and make life-long friendships with other tertiary volunteers!

The vision behind the theme "UN+Paralleled" for NZMUN 2024 is to capture the unique dynamics of a contemporary global landscape, marked by rapid change and unconventional challenges. This conference will go beyond the ordinary, inspiring delegates to explore uncharted territories in international relations. NZMUN 2024 seeks to foster innovation, adaptability, and open-mindedness, inviting participants to navigate the complexities of unconventional issues with creativity. Our goal is to create an inclusive platform where diverse perspectives converge, acknowledging the interconnectedness of global challenges and encouraging a nuanced approach to problem-solving for a more dynamic and ever-evolving world.

Be a part of this premier conference and be prepared for an enriching experience like no other. Don't miss out on this chance to be a catalyst for positive change and growth – register to volunteer at NZMUN 2024 today! For more information about the conference, contact our Registrations Officer, Alexandra, at [email protected].


UN Youth is a non-profit organisation that provides civics education outside the traditional classroom context. Through fun workshops and conferences, we engage youth in the most pressing affairs of their country and the international community. Our goal is to inspire young New Zealanders to be active, global citizens. Global citizenship exists in an incredibly diverse range of forms, and UN Youth provides opportunities for delegates to develop their own form of active citizenship. Throughout Aotearoa, our work equips young people to become informed, engaged, and critical New Zealanders who understand their global context and the connections between the local and the global. Annually, over 3000 young New Zealanders from Northland to Southland attend a UN Youth event, run by a body of over 150 volunteers across the country who dedicate many hours of their time to engaging young people and growing the organisation.


Volunteering at NZ Model UN will give you the opportunity to develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills. It is a great chance to make new friends and to have a lasting impact on the youth of New Zealand. Below is an overview of the volunteer roles available.

Please note: volunteering is open to high school leavers and above only.


The Chair controls the debate, determines speaking order, and overall sets the tone in their committee. Usually our most experienced volunteers, chairs must bring forward a large amount of institutional knowledge and experience. They must be familiar with New Zealand Model UN protocols and procedures. They must also be able to lead a unit of other conference assistants and facilitate a strong and supportive environment of growth. Chairs at NZMUN 2024 will be expected to liaison heavily with welfare and other CA’s in their committees.


The Secretary ensures that a committee is able to run smoothly. They receive amendments, make clarifications, and control AV systems in committees – essentially they’re the CA’s that make sure things happen. Secretaries also work closely with chairs, and later on, in the conference may have the opportunity to chair committees. You need to be someone who is able to process and understand multiple questions, queries, and submissions at any one time as well as someone who is confident with using a computer. If you’re an expert at multitasking in a fast paced environment - this is for you!

Special Rapporteur

Special Rapporteurs are each committee’s content expert. Their main responsibility is helping their committee reach a resolution by deciding which amendments will be debated and clarifying any queries on the discussion topic. Background knowledge is not essential if the applicant is willing to research and learn the committee topic. If you are accepted for this role, you will be required to write a short background briefing on your assigned topic for delegates before the conference.

Regional Group Facilitator

Regional Group Facilitators have the all-important task of leading a particular ‘Regional Group’ (a team of 30 delegates) throughout the conference. Regional Group Facilitators shape delegates’ experiences at NZ Model UN, motivating and inspiring each one to pursue their individual goals, whilst running fun social activities and thought-provoking workshops. Regional Group Facilitators also lead the Regional Dinner for their respective groups.

Press Delegate Facilitator

Press Delegate Facilitators will guide and mentor Press Corp delegates in a wide range of activities personalised to their role. By facilitating unique workshops, assisting their Press Corp team in writing articles, and supporting them within committees, our ‘PDFs’ are essential to guiding press delegates through the world of investigative journalism. Press Delegate Facilitators will be working closely as a team with our 2024 Head of Press.

Regional Delegation Facilitator

As a Regional Delegation Facilitator, your primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of the Regional Delegation (RD) program during the conference. You will work closely with the Director of Regional Delegation to supervise RD participants, providing support and assistance as needed. Your duties include organising and overseeing accommodation arrangements, coordinating meals, and facilitating group activities for RD attendees. Additionally, you will be on call after hours to address any emergencies or concerns that may arise. Regional Delegation volunteers are crucial for us to be able to offer the Regional Delegation program. It's important to note that as a Regional Delegation Facilitator, you will receive free accommodation in Wellington and meals outside of conference hours!!! Regional Delegation Facilitators may also be double hatted with a light role on the day if they wish as their main duties are after hours.

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officers hold the essential responsibility of supporting the welfare of both delegates and volunteers at NZ Model UN, working alongside the Head of Welfare. The ability to handle sensitive issues with a caring attitude and open ears are absolutely required as all Welfare Officers must constantly be approachable for unwell, stressed or upset participants. Welfare Officers with particular past experience or knowledge may be given certain specialisations, such as pastoral care, mental wellbeing, or first aid. A current First Aid Certificate is not required, but preferred for members of the Welfare Team. Please note in your application if you have previous UN Youth Welfare experience.

Logistics Facilitator

Logistics Facilitators work behind the scenes to ensure that NZ Model UN runs as smoothly as possible. Logistics Facilitators are organised, balanced individuals with excellent time management. Without a strong Logistics team, NZ Model UN would never get off the ground. Their tasks will range from setting up catering, to helping lost delegates and keeping conference looking sharp (as well as always being the first ones to eat!).

Media Team

The media team, which consists of photographers and videographers, play a vital role in capturing the memories that delegates and CAs will love to revisit long after NZ Model UN 2024 is over. They are the ones responsible for truly making our conference unforgettable. Previous experience and skills will be essential, but the experience is certain to be rewarding. A small portfolio may be required on application.

Tangata Moana Liaisons

In the past, Tangata Moana liaisons have mentored delegates and provided them with guidance and opportunities to socialise with other like-minded people from Māori and Pasifika backgrounds. Working with the Head Tangata Moana Liaison, the Tangata Moana Liaison team will deliver a Māori and Pasifika program that is interwoven with the typical NZMUN delegate experience. This includes mentorship, running Tangata Moana lunches, and being available to Tangata Moana delegates and volunteers throughout the duration of the conference.

Queer Liaisons

NZMUN is a learning environment that is unique to what most attendees experience in the classroom. Allowing our delegates and volunteers to express themselves as who they are is vital to meaningful engagement. Queer Liaisons are important for visibility of queer people in our event. To make the conference as safe a space as possible, Queer Liaisons should be comfortable speaking up and empowering queer delegates, as well as being someone that everyone can come to for a kōrero.

Neurodiversity Liaisons

Subject to interest, we would love to appoint Neurodiversity Liaisons for 2024. Similar to the Queer Liaison, the Neurodiversity Liaison role is aimed at enhancing the educational experience of our conference by providing visibility, advocacy, and an explicit point of contact for any neurodiverse attendees. Neurodiversity Liaisons should be comfortable with engaging with people on specific issues that crop up that may impact neurodiverse people attending the conference, liaising with welfare, and being available for a chat.

Please note that as a liaison is not a stand alone role, you will also be double hatted with a welfare officer role.

Volunteer registrations are set to open on the 1st April 2024 and will close on the 5th May 2024.

If you have any questions about volunteer registrations, please contact our Volunteers Officer, Uvindu, at [email protected]


UN Youth New Zealand aims to make our conference accessible to all participants and volunteers. If you have accessibility needs or if there is any way that we can make NZMUN more comfortable for you, we will do our very best to accommodate. Please let us know how we can help you!

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Uvindu at [email protected]

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