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Wellington Regional Model United Nations 2023 Volunteer Registrations


25 - 26 March


Kelburn campus, Victoria University of Wellington


Registrations Close

24 March 2023

*Note: This form is for tertiary volunteers registrations. Not high-school participants. Please check out the main participants event page here for further information. *

What are conference assistants?

Conference Assistants are integral to the running of the conference. If you are in tertiary education, and are under 25 then this is the experience for you! Being a CA is an awesome opportunity to make friends and have a lasting impact on the youth of Wellington. Plus, it looks great on CVs and scholarship applications. This is the perfect time to join us. If you don’t have any prior experience with Model UN as we will be hosting a CA training night to get everybody up to speed! There are many different types of CA roles available, as described below:


  • The Chair runs the debate for committee and plenary sessions. Chairs usually are our most experienced volunteers, with a large amount of knowledge about how Model United Nations runs required to facilitate a lively and smooth debate. They must also be able to lead the team of CAs in their committee.


  • The Secretary receives and clarifies amendments and controls the AV in the room. Secretaries need to be able to work efficiently alongside the Chair (they may even have the opportunity to Chair the committee at some point!). Secretaries will need to be able to use a computer efficiently.

Special Rapporteur

  • The Special Rapporteur is the "Google" of the committee. They must be prepared to do research around the educational content before the conference, and to prioritise what amendments will be debated in order for the committee to reach a resolution. They will also be able to search up answers to questions the delegates may have.

Logistics Facilitator

  • Logistics Facilitators keep the conference running smoothly. Their tasks involve setting up catering, directing delegates around the venue, and keeping the venue clean. Logistics Facilitators should have good time management skills, and be able to work in a team.

Welfare Officer

  • Welfare Officers hold the essential responsibility of supporting the welfare of both delegates and volunteers at Wellington Model United Nations. The ability to handle sensitive issues with a caring attitude is required as all Welfare Officers must constantly be approachable for unwell, stressed or upset participants. A First Aid Certificate is required to be a Welfare Officer.


  • Our photographers are essential in making our events memorable! They spend the day visiting different committee rooms to take photos of the experience, which are sent to event participants once the event concludes.

Thanks and have fun applying!

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