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Wellington Regional Model United Nations 2024 Delegate Registrations


16 - 17 March


Pipitea campus, Victoria University of Wellington


Registrations Close

26 February 2024

Are you passionate about bringing positive change to the ever changing global landscape? Do you enjoy debating and negotiating? Then Wellington Model United Nations is the event for you! This is Wellington’s premier event; come and enjoy two days of debate, diplomacy and meeting like minded people!!

UN Youth Wellington’s flagship event is back and better than ever, with two days of public speaking, debating, problem solving and generally just a whole lot of fun! Set to take place on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of March at  Victoria University’s Pipitea Campus, you’ll be able to debate and solve global issues all from the perspective of a member state of the United Nations general assembly, as well as engage with problem solving workshops to build your diplomacy skills.

This year's theme is UN+Addressed. This all about looking at the issues that might be overlooked, as well as looking at how we can solve the longstanding issues facing the global community. Delegates will be looking at a range of issues through lenses of the various parts of the United Nations, such as the International Court of Justice and the Security Council, culminating in the General Assembly.

The committees available at WMUN this year are as follows:

UNSC - The Question of Disarmament in Space

Delegates in the security council session will discuss limiting the development of space weaponry and addressing disparities in space military infrastructure, navigating potential vetoes from permanent member states.

WTO - Consultative Decision on the European Union and United States Trade Dispute 1989

Delegates in the WTO session will discuss the trade dispute between the EU and the USA over hormone-treated meat, examining alleged breaches in international trading rules and legal complexities.

ICJ -  The Question of the Legality of the 2021 Myanmar Coup.

The ICJ session will focus on the legality of the 2021 Myanmar coup, examining it within the context of international law, Myanmar's constitution, and arguments related to national security.

ESS (Crisis) of ECOSOC - The Crisis of the Privatisation of the Panama Canal

In the ECOSOC crisis committee, delegates will address the fictional crisis of the privatisation of the Panama Canal. Delegates will draft resolutions to adapt trade policies, ensure free trade flow, collaborate with Panama, and ensure the national security of the canal amidst evolving crisis updates.

HRC - The Question of AI Use for Militaristic Purposes

The HRC will discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence for militaristic purposes, focusing on limiting and controlling Military AI in accordance with international humanitarian law. Delegates will address ethics, human rights concerns, technological disparities, and the possibility of a global treaty on AI usage.

World Health Assembly: WHO - The Question of Climate Change as a Health Issue

In the WHO committee, delegates will discuss climate change as a health issue and propose solutions to mitigate its impact on global health. They will assess WHO's current objectives related to reducing carbon emissions, building climate-resilient health systems, and protecting health from climate change impacts.

Registrations are now open for delegates and conference assistants and will close at 11.59pm on the 26th February. Get your application in now so you don’t miss out!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email the Communications Officer Jan de Geest at [email protected]

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