Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2022 Participant Registrations




21- 24 April, 2022

Registrations Close

28 March 2022

The conference will take place as an online event. The tentative schedule for the online event involves 3 hours of sessions per day, with breaks throughout, on April 21- 24.

The conference will run through engaging and interactive online platforms to zoom sessions. Participants will be directly informed as to how the event will operate following their


Aotearoa Youth Declaration is one of UN Youth’s flagship conferences. Participants aged 13-18 (Years 9-13) from all over Aotearoa come together to write the Youth Declaration, a document which represents a youth perspective on public policy. During the conference, participants work in targeted Rōpū (committee groups) to create policy solutions on a broad range of problems. Each Rōpū examines issues in Aotearoa and then contributes a solution to the issue, and these solutions comprise the Aotearoa Youth Declaration document. The Aotearoa Youth Declaration document is passed on to decision-makers (MPs, local Councils and Boards, and influential people) to help them decide the future of Aotearoa. 


This year’s conference is centred around the whakataukī: 

He iti, he iti kahikātoa 

(Though little, it is still a mānuka tree) 

Participants will be placed into rōpū breakout rooms for open and exciting discussions amongst themselves, along with open channels for more general discussions to cultivate problem solving and communication skills. These breakout rooms will be facilitated by our incredibly talented group of tertiary volunteers who have the experience and passion to help these rangatahi have a worthwhile time. Due to a shortening of the conference to accomodate for the online capacity, this event will focus on brainstorming and conceptualising solutions. Students will be able to meet like-minded individuals to discuss and visualise what they want to see in their future within a particular focus area. Instead of AYD’s normal external outreach events, participants can expect to be inspired by a range of guest speakers who will attend and be present digitally. Best of all, participants will receive a package of AYD merch delivered to their very own home, and also have the opportunity to convene with other students in their area in lieu of the typical face-to-face event structure! 

Every consideration will be taken to provide a comprehensive welfare approach and give participants a great conference experience. We're keen to provide a safe space for students to discuss their lived experience. We want to help participants realise that they truly have the power to enact change within their communities! Through this conference, they will learn, grow and be able to produce something meaningful and impactful in the end. 

We aim to uphold the tikanga values of manaakitanga (extending compassion), mohiotanga (sharing of information), and kotahitanga (unity) at our event. We also cater to all experience and knowledge levels, so all we need from you is to bring yourself! Previous UN Youth experience is not needed and we encourage newcomers as this is the experience of a lifetime! 

There will be a $30 dollar fee to attend the conference in order to cover the costs of sending merchandise to your house, platform fees, etc. We have a number of scholarships available to cover the conference fee. Scholarships are intended to provide financial support to those who otherwise might not be able to attend the conference due to the barrier of cost. If this fee would cause any financial hardship or inconvenience whatsoever, please consider applying for a scholarship. Scholarships are funded through a mix of internal funding, the UN Youth Trust, and external sponsors. 

The 2022 Rōpū Committees include: 

  1. Hauora

  2. Climate Change (environment)

  3. Education

  4. Justice and Governance

  5. Science and Technology

  6. Social Development

  7. International Relations / Foreign Affairs

  8. Arts and Culture

  9. Youth Development

  10. Transport

  11. Diversity and Accessibility

  12. Economic Development

More information can be found here.

Registrations close on the 4th of April at 11:59PM! 

Don't miss out - register NOW! We look forward to seeing you at our event and hearing your perspectives. You can find our Youth Declaration from 2021 here and the 2020 Declaration (online) here 

For any questions about the event, or to change details of your application, feel free to contact our Registrations Officer Jennifer Newcomer at [email protected] 


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