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Evatt Tour 2023 Participant Registrations




27 November - 5 December


Melbourne, Australia

Registrations Close

27 September 2023

What is EVATT?

Step up. Challenge yourself. Represent Aotearoa for the first time since 2019 at UN Youth Australia's premier Model Security Council conference - the Evatt Competition!

Evatt is a simulation of the UNSC organised by our mates at UN Youth Australia. In this competition, the top-performing teams across Australia compete in the National Finals. UN Youth Australia has reserved two team slots (four students) for UN Youth New Zealand.

During this competition, teams will be assigned a country and convened to consider a draft resolution. Each team of two must use all the tools of the Security Council to mould the resolution to advance their assigned country’s interests: formal speeches, amendments, debating, negotiation, parliamentary procedure, and, of course, lots of back-room wheeling and dealing. The students judged the most effective diplomats win. Additionally, there will be workshops from experts in their field and inspiring speaker sessions. This opportunity helps students develop skills in public speaking, research, teamwork, and diplomacy.

This is the link to the EVATT website. We look forward to sharing more information directly from the EVATT competition convenors soon.

How can I apply?

In this first round of applications, applicants are asked short form questions and are expected to propose an amendment to the provided resolution, as well as submit an audio or video recording of a 2-minute speech on this resolution. The resolution can be found here

Additional information around applying and the tour as a whole can be found here. Please make sure to read through this additional information document completely before submitting your application.

Note: Applications are due on September 27th 2023 at 11:59PM.  Late applications will not be considered. There will not be an extension to this deadline under any circumstances.

For any questions relating to the Evatt Competition and the tour in general please contact the event directors Jennifer and William, at [email protected] if  you have any questions.

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