Raise Your Voice 2022 Volunteer Registrations




14 - 15 May, 2022

Registrations Close

7 May 2022

What is Raise Your Voice? 

Raise your Voice is an opportunity for high-school students to have hands-on experience with civics education outside of the classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to work with other students across the Auckland region to solve problems within their local communities.

Our theme is UN + Equipped. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and critical thinking to become active members of their communities striving for a better tomorrow.

This will be an inspiring weekend where participants will engage in interesting skills workshop rotations and hear from empowering speakers to develop communication skills and diversity of thought.

The conference will be an IN-PERSON event held on the University of Auckland’s South Campus. This event will be held over two days from 9am-5pm, with breaks throughout, on May 14-15th.

Why volunteer at Raise Your Voice?

Volunteering at Raise Your Voice will give you the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills. This is a great chance to get involved in your community and to meet new people. UN Youth provides volunteers the opportunity to support regional youth. 

Please note volunteering is open to high school leavers and above only.

Below is a list of volunteer roles available.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Rōpū facilitators

Rōpū facilitators will have the task of helping run workshops throughout the event. On day one of the event there will be skills workshops run by experts for the participants. These include presentation skills, social media campaigning, mental health, and negotiation skills workshops. Volunteers will support the experts in facilitating these workshops and help get conversation between participants flowing. On day two, students will be grouped by local regions in order to solve a problem they believe to be most impacting their communities. Rōpū facilitators will work closely with participants to ensure active participation and teamwork between participants.

Logistics Facilitator

Logistics officers work behind the scenes to help ensure that the event runs smoothly. These volunteers are organised individuals with great time management skills. Roles will include setting up catering and helping participants throughout the day.

Media Officer

The media team will consist of both skilled photographers and videographers responsible for capturing the magic of the event on camera. Previous experience will be required.

Welfare Officer

Welfare officers are important in ensuring the welfare of all participants and volunteers. Welfare volunteers must be able to handle a variety of issues with a patient and supportive manner. Welfare officers are the first call of support and must be open, approachable and caring individuals in order to help people who feel unwell, stressed or just need a chat. Previous experience or skills in a particular area (e.g pastoral care, mental wellbeing etc.) is preferred.

A first aid certificate is required to be a welfare officer.


One of the core values of UNYouth is inclusivity. LGBTQ+ and Maori and Pasifika liaisons provide mentorship and support for students from these communities. This role is extremely important to ensure that all participants and volunteers feel supported and included throughout the event so that they can be involved and make the most of the event opportunities.

Please note that MPI and LGBTQ+ Liaison is not a standalone role. If you are offered the role of MPI or LGBTQ+ Liaison you will also be offered another role alongside it.


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