Volunteers Training Hui 2022


$20 (optional)


2 - 4 December


Camp Elsdon, Wellington

Registrations Close

23 October 2022

UN Youth Volunteers Training Hui (VTH) is coming back to run in person again - GET HYPED!! All 2022 volunteers/officeholders (and incoming 2023 officeholders) are invited to attend - accommodation and food is included, and most people will also be eligible for a flight subsidy. VTH will be followed by our end of year SGM on December 4th, where the 2023 National President will be elected!

Any questions about VTH can be directed towards our National Finance Officer, Harris Ashton ([email protected]).


WHEN: Friday 2nd December - Sunday 4th December. Transport to the campground will be leaving from Wellington CBD at approximately 1pm on Friday (TBC), and we will be returning at roughly 2pm on Sunday (TBC). VTH will be followed by the end of year SGM on Sunday afternoon, as well as dinner/drinks on Sunday night. If you’re keen to join but might have a clashing commitment (e.g. work) get in touch to have a chat!

WHERE: Camp Elsdon, Porirua, Wellington (we’ll be providing transport from Wellington CBD)

COST: There is an optional $20 contribution, but the event is otherwise free!

WHO: VTH is open to ALL volunteers, not only outgoing and incoming officeholders. To be eligible, you must have volunteered at least once at a UN Youth event and/or held a UN Youth office in 2022, or be an incoming officeholder for 2023 . However, spaces are limited and registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

FLIGHT SUBSIDIES: All those who meet the above eligibility criteria are also eligible for a flight subsidy. More information about these are below, including flight caps for each region.


VTH is an action packed two night stay at Camp Elsdon in Wellington open to all UN Youth volunteers and officeholders. It’s an unbeatable opportunity to meet and bond with volunteers from all around Aotearoa, and to grow and develop your personal and professional skills.

Key elements of Volunteers Training Hui include:

  • A chance to meet and bond with other UN Youth volunteers from all around Aotearoa.

  • Workshops covering a range of topics: e.g. strategic thinking, UN Youth vision setting, finance, education, recruitment. We want to hear what kind of workshops you want to see at VTH, so let us know when you register if you have particular requests!

  • The presentation of our National Volunteer Awards!

  • Once we return to Wellington CBD after VTH, we’ll be getting straight into our end-of-year SGM!


VTH is intended for people who:

  • Volunteered at any of our events, regional or national, in 2022.

  • Were an officeholder at any point in 2022.

  • Are an incoming officeholder for 2023 (e.g. incoming regional councils)

There’s no particular skill level or experience threshold required for VTH - we encourage anyone of any background to get involved! If you’re a newer UN Youth volunteer and keen to get more involved or will be an officeholder for 2023 we especially encourage you to get involved as VTH is a fantastic opportunity to learn exactly what you need to know to thrive in UN Youth!


The criteria to be eligible for a flight subsidy is the same as the criteria to be eligible to attend VTH (i.e. 2022 volunteer/officeholder, or incoming 2023 officeholder). 

There are also a couple of criteria for what makes a flight eligible. First, a flight includes the seat and up to one piece of checked luggage each way. We do not recommend booking checked luggage if you do not need it (as it's a short trip), and the flight cap is not designed around it. The flight must be for the primary purpose of attending VTH - so no one-way trips, or two week stays in Wellington.

Please note the following flight caps (the maximum amount we will pay out, and you pay the excess), where each city corresponds with the city you will be flying out of:

  • Auckland - $190

  • Wellington - n/a

  • Chirstchurch - $160

  • Dunedin - $240

To be clear, we will not be paying out the following:

  • Seat selection

  • Carbon offsets (would like to but our expense claim system cannot process it!)

  • Any other extras or purchases (meals, flexitickets)

  • Airport parking or transfers

  • Any fees incurred as part of your travel (e.g. overweight bag, rebooking fees)

You are free to incur those costs yourself, and they won't count towards your flight cap.

About one week out from VTH you will be sent an email explaining how to submit your documentation in order for us to pay out your flight. No reimbursements will occur until after VTH has concluded. If you require your flight to be paid out sooner, please email Harris Ashton at [email protected].

If you are flying not from one of those main centres, or are taking an alternative means of transport (car/bus/train) please email Harris ASAP.


During VTH, we will present the National Volunteer Awards 2022. These are a celebration of volunteer excellence and achievement during the year.

Nominations for the Wysocki-Bates, Daria Brankin and Outstanding Alumni awards can be submitted by any volunteer. The other awards may only be nominated by certain individuals, as outlined below. With the exception of the Presidential and Regional Citations, the National Executive will select the final recipients of each award. If an award does not receive any nominations that meet its criteria, it may not be presented.

Please submit your nominations here. Nominations close at 6:59pm Thursday 1 December. 


Wysocki-Bates Award for the Most Outstanding Contribution towards Youth Involvement in the United Nations;

This award will be given to the Member who has contributed to involving the youth of New Zealand in UN Youth in the most outstanding way. This person must have given service to the organisation in several ways. They may have managed a special project for the organisation or worked in a number of official and unofficial roles, and achieved results above expectation. These results may be in fundraising, membership, conference and activity organisation and/or policy development. This person must be a professional all round member of the UN Youth team. Please note that current National Presidents are not eligible to receive this award.

Daria Brankin Award for the Most Generous and Supportive Member of UN Youth New Zealand;

The Daria Brankin Award for the Most Supportive and Generous Member of UN Youth recognises the Member who stands out most to the National Executive because of their friendship and support towards others, their cooperation and teamwork, their readiness to work, and most importantly, their willingness to place the interests of Members as their first priority within the organisation. The recipient does not need to be a volunteer. If there is not at least one clear nominee for this award, it may be appropriate for it not to be given that year. It is also acceptable that this award be given to the same Member more than once.

Outstanding Alumni Award;

The Outstanding Alumni Award recognises a UN Youth alumni who, through their achievements, has made an outstanding contribution in their chosen field. Their pursuit of excellence may be in areas such as (but not limited to) volunteer work or community service, education, science, business, diplomacy or law. The recipient should embody the spirit of UN Youth as an organisation that inspires people to make a difference and be a role model for current UN Youth volunteers and members. This award is not limited to an achievement in the past year. The recipient must have had some form of UN Youth involvement in the past. This past involvement must include at least one of the following: being a Regional Council or National Executive officer; a member of a Regional or National Event staff or International Delegation staff; an appointee for a special role; a member of a Global Development Tour or New Zealand Schools’ Delegation to THIMUN or Pacific Project delegation or an attendee of at least one of UN Youth’s national events (NZ Model UN, Youth Declaration or National Tertiary Event). The recipient can be under 25 years, but cannot be a current volunteer (though an immediate Past National President could be eligible to apply).

Cutfield Gavel for the Most Successful Region;

The Cutfield Gavel is awarded to the most successful UN Youth Regional Council. The Cutfield Gavel is awarded annually to the region whose work has been the most outstanding or to the region with the most outstanding regional initiatives. Consideration is given to evidence of passionate regional volunteers, healthy regional culture, empowering leadership and success at making progress towards UN Youth’s goals and vision. The relevant period for the award is the 2020 Calendar year. All UN Youth Regions are automatically nominated for this role, and the recipient Region will have the Gavel received by its 2020 Regional President who will then hold the Gavel on behalf of the Region.

Presidential Citation;

This award is the citation of the National President of UN Youth. The award is given to a member or collective of UN Youth who have contributed significantly through their commitment to and work for UN Youth. This selection is made purely at the National President’s discretion and may not be awarded to the present National President.

Regional Citations;

This award is the citation of each Regional President of UN Youth. Regional Citations will recognise the outstanding efforts and commitment of one member each year in each of their respective regions. Any member of a UN Youth Region (including Regional Councillors and regionally appointed officeholders) may be eligible for this award. Past and present Regional Presidents and National Executive members may not receive this award. A member may only receive a Regional Citation once.

There will be three criteria to be considered by Regional President: how much the nominee has participated in regional events and opportunities; how committed the nominee has been to UN Youth, the Region and what UN Youth and the Region aim to achieve; and whether the nominee has done anything to innovate and improve the Region’s operations.

Each Regional Citation is selected at the sole discretion of the respective Regional President.


VTH will be followed by our end of year SGM. This SGM will include an election for our 2023 National President, the 2023 Board of Directors Volunteers Representative, and an Ordinary Director for the Board. You must be a UN Youth member to vote at this SGM. More information about the SGM, membership criteria, and the nomination process can be found here.