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Wellington Regional Model United Nations 2024 Volunteer Registrations




16 - 17 March


Pipitea campus, Victoria University of Wellington

Registrations Close

25 February 2024

*Note: This form is for tertiary volunteers registrations. Not high-school participants. Please check out the main participants event page here for further information. *

Are you interested in diplomacy, debate or foreign affairs? Are you passionate about supporting youth and expanding your leadership skills? Are you fresh out of high school and sad you won’t be a delegate at Wellington Model UN anymore? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we want you to apply to be a Conference Assistant at Wellington Model UN 2024.

Wellington Model UN 2024 is all about empowering students to increase their knowledge and understanding of the United Nations, as well as build their diplomacy skills. But we can’t do any of this without the support from you, our volunteers.

What are conference assistants?

Conference Assistants are integral to the running of the conference. They are open to those in tertiary education under 25. Being a Conference Assistant is a great way to meet like minded people as well as having a lasting impact on the youth of Wellington. You don’t need any sort of experience to be a Conference Assistant (though it’s great if you do), because we will be hosting a Conference Assistant training night to get everyone ready for the big day! There are many roles for Conference Assistants which are described below:


  • The Chair runs the committee and plenary sessions. Chairs are usually our most experienced volunteer’s, with a wide range of knowledge on how Model UNs operate to ensure lively and smooth debate. Chairs also need to be able to confidently lead the team of CAs in their committee.


  • The secretary is the AV master and receives and clarifies amendments for their committee. Secretaries need to be able to work efficiently and effectively with their respective chair (they may even have the opportunity to Chair the committee at some point!). Secretaries must be able to use a computer efficiently.

Special Rapporteur

  • The special rapporteur is the “Google” of their committee. They need to research the educational content of their committee beforehand to prioritise what amendments will be debated in order for the committee to reach a resolution. They will also need to search and answer questions delegates may have.

Senior Volunteer Officer

  • The Senior Volunteers Officer is responsible for ensuring that the wellbeing of the volunteers is actively considered during the final stages of event committee planning. Specifically, this role will include creating a volunteer wellbeing plan which denotes ways in which to make the experience of volunteering generally a better experience. Specific examples of this include developing a comprehensive volunteers room, providing snacks/water throughout the day and doing checkups on volunteers. This role works closely with the event committee, Regional President and Head of Welfare.

Senior Welfare Officer

  • The Senior Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring that the conference is the best possible environment for participants and volunteers. Specifically, this role involves developing and implementing the WMUN welfare plan, communication with the organising committee and selection and training of the Welfare Team. The Head of Welfare works most closely with the Regional Welfare Officer and Equity Officers on the Regional Council.

Logistics Facilitator

  • Logistics Facilitators keep the conference running smoothly. Their tasks involve setting up catering, directing delegates around the venue, and keeping the venue clean. Logistics Facilitators should have good time management skills, and be able to work in a team.

Welfare Officer

  • Welfare Officers hold the essential responsibility of supporting the welfare of both delegates and volunteers at Wellington Model United Nations. The ability to handle sensitive issues with a caring attitude is required as all Welfare Officers must constantly be approachable for unwell, stressed or upset participants. A First Aid Certificate is required to be considered as a Welfare Officer.


  • Photographers are an essential part of making our events memorable for participants. Photographers visit committee rooms throughout the days taking photographs of the event and participants, which are sent to participants once the event has concluded.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email the Communications Officer Jan de Geest at [email protected]

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