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France and Hungary have stood by each other in The Question of Small Arms Disarmament

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Amica Valencia for CNN

The Disec 1 Committee on the 7th of July have stirred up a variety of alliances between countries. The overall resolution succeeded but never without a fight.

The amending of clause 7 marked the beginning of a new found bond between France and Hungary. Both countries held relatively similar views on small arms control, thus contributing to the growth of their alliance. The change to ‘highly significant,’ in clause 7 led Hungary to believe that this term “does nothing if it cannot be defined”. This statement was agreed upon by France as she said, “it is too vague. It is not specific enough to make it official.”

“We had some good discussions during the unmoderated caucus, and I believe we had some sort of alliance going throughout the session.” - France

France is a Pisces and Hungary is a Taurus. Already, these two countries were destined to form a connection. “They have enough in common that they gel, but they have enough differences that they don't step on each other's toes in a relationship.” (Fellizar, 2022). Their support for each other is destined to be long lasting. Any further debates is likely to bring these two countries together, holding similar views and providing each other further support.

France suggested building on this alliance when she said “I think that if Hungary has a good as a view with France on guns then that would be great.” However, France stands uncertain with Hungary’s views on other issues.

We are yet to see a growth in the alliance between these two countries that may arise in further debates. But with France’s uncertainty, this alliance could stand as a ‘one-time-thing.’

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