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Mexico’s proposal for a new media clause passes

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Imogen Forrester for The Daily Telegraph

At the latest UN Security Council meeting, Mexico proposed the addition of clause 9, 9a.

The clause states that online bullying, harassment and misinformation in professional and other media cannot be tolerated.

Mexico clarified that the bullying in question is content that defames any person or group to detract from their credibility.

Clause 9a endorses strengthening security and censorship agencies to implement the above measures.

The seconder to this proposal was the People's Republic of China. Upon being asked how action to encourage clause 9a would be taken, the delegate from the People’s Republic of China responded by saying that by promoting and investing more money into censorship and security agencies, clause 9a would be beneficial to society.

The clause was passed and is now in place. The vote was not unanimous however it was evident that the majority of the general assembly wished for this clause to be in place.

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