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My unbiased opinion on why ICJ is the best Committee

ICJ Secretary Henri Blakely

Every year when NZMUN sign ups open, to-be delegates rush joyously to fill out the application form and choose their committees. What to choose, so many acronyms and so many possibilities?!

I would ‘implore’ any prospective delegate’s… CHOOSE ICJ. If you’ve had the pleasure of being in my committee, you’ll know why. Sure, UNSC has its veto shenanigans, Crisis has its constant and tumultuous updates, and DISEC has it’s ‘mystery’ guest speakers, but they all fail at something that only ICJ has. You can represent yourself! Or rather your inner ‘International Judge’ self.

You’re not messing around with country opinions and borderline role-playing, but getting into the ‘meat and bones’ of relevant real world issues in mature and equal discussion. So, next time you’re staring at the list of committee’s on the sign up form, choose ICJ!

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