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Push up competition cause divide between delegates

Amelia Prebble for The Globe and Mail

After a long debate over the issue that small arms bring to countries around the world, the delegate of the United Kingdom brought up an important point. There is one easy solution to our small arms issue - push ups.

The delegate of the United States of America strongly agreed with this decision, and a push up competition was proposed to improve the NZMUN delegates small arms. This amendment was instantly shot down by the delegate of Ukraine, who strongly believed that this clause was incredibly offensive. She stated “this could cause toxic competition” and “[maybe] we should just accept that we [NZMUN Delegates] are weak”.

She went on to give a motivational speech stating, “we shouldn't need to prove ourselves” and “we just need to accept that we have small arms”. There were many more countries that echoed the sentiment that a competition would just cause a divide between all of us delegates, and this was when the greatest offense was committed by the United States of America. The Delegate of the USA stated the “debaters [and delegates] have no friends”. This shall not stand! We have friends! Don’t we? Right…?

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