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Learning Japanese

Need help learning japanese?

I am learning off of 123japanese, and I found a ...hickup?. This word index.php?cmd media& menu where you live& page 3How come the Japanese word for tundra isn't ? Why the ?Umm?? what? My name is Murasaki, this isn't my website S. According to hw helper this is a great website don't know what your talking about. Books are terrible, I've seen them all.You didn't answer my question, you will be flagged as spam.That still doesn't answer my question or remove your spam. You spam your blog, your blog serves no purpose, it doesn't have any information on it that helps me, or anyone. Post it on " what is a website where I can learn fun facts about Japan" . not a Japanese language question forum.

What website is the best for learning japanese( prefferably in romaji)?

i really want to learn japanese plz help

For people who are learning japanese/Have learned Japanese?

1. How old were you when you begun learning studying Japanese?

2. What got you interested in learning?

3. what methods did you use to learn Japanese? Classes? Music? Anime? etc

People learning japanese or learned it: how did you learn kanji?

i'm curious about different techniques and homework answers people use to learn kanji. for me, i'm trying to slowly learn kanji to words i already know, and use them. i'm planning on whenever i learn new vocabulary to learn the kanji while i learn the word at the same time.. i also have two kanji books a kanji combinations book and another one for single kanji characters with the stroke orders.....what do you guys do to study kanji??

Were should i start and how should i learn japanese?

im trying to learn japanese but im at a dead end with kanji i don't know how to memorize the hiragana and i don't know where to start learning japanese also could someone give me a website so that i can learn online. but i seriously need help kanji and hiragana please help me understand kanji especially

Is it possible to learn a new language in a few as 7 months?

I don't need to be fluent by then, although, I do want to be, eventually. I would like to be able to have casual conversation with the people in the country I'm visiting this summer. I have Rosetta Stone, and I use it several hours a day. According to studydaddy there aren't any schools or tutors around who teach this language. Are there any tips to become fluent more quickly? Thanks.

I'm really having troubling sticking to learning a new language?

I'm in the process of learning Korean because I plan on becoming some kind of interpreter when I get older. But I just seem to get bored every few seconds and stop... is there anyway to stop this feeling?

PS i'm using Rosetta stone and already know how to write the alphabet so....?

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