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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

How to stay involved

UN Youth Alumni can be found across the globe across a range of sectors and industries. We value the support of our Alumni, as they provide a network of engaged global citizens who align with UN Youth's values of empowerment, whanaungatanga (community & involvement), equity, and kotahitanga (togetherness and collective action).


If you are an Alumnus, your unique experience, stories, and perspective are valuable to the next generation of young people at UN Youth. There are several ways to stay involved - read on to find out more!


The best way that you can support us in our mission to inspire global citizens is by contributing towards a scholarship.

Every scholarship helps UN Youth on its way to becoming a more diverse and equitable organisation.

It helps students and volunteers from all backgrounds participate in UN Youth's events, giving them an experience that they may not be able to benefit from otherwise.


You choose the terms of your scholarship. As examples, we currently have scholarships provided by alumni that cater to students and volunteers who:

  • are new to UN Youth

  • are from specific regions

  • are members of the queer or trans community

  • would otherwise not be able to afford an event


Setting up an event scholarship is usually a monthly automated contribution of around $10 (for a regional event) to $30 (for NZ Model UN). If you would like to set up a scholarship, or would like more information, please visit the Trust website below:


If, instead of a scholarship, you would like to make a general contribution to support the long-term future of UN Youth (whether regularly recurring or one-off), you can do so on the Trust website via the link below:


For large one-off donations (firstly, thank you!), please contact the Trust at [email protected] for a direct deposit into the trust accounts.

Become a speaker & come to student networking events

Our alumni work in a variety of industries, and your experience is incredibly valuable to our student volunteers.

We sometimes run career-related events for our UN Youth volunteers, such as networking events, or speaker events where we invite people to speak on their domain.


If you would like to be added to this list, please fill out the form below.

If you need to update your details, such as your current location or field of expertise, please email our National Relations Officer at [email protected].

Join the mailing list & Facebook group

Keep up to date with what's going on at UN Youth, and any opportunities for speaking & networking. We send out an alumni newsletter no more than once a quarter. You can join by filling out the form below.


You can also connect with other alumni on our Alumni Facebook Group.


Occasionally, there are alumni-specific events that are announced via the mailing list and Facebook group. One example was the 20 years of UN Youth celebration event in Wellington which was attended by over 100 alumni.

Thanks for submitting!

Volunteer for the Trust

Are you interested in advocating for equitable access to civics education?

The New Zealand Youth Global Awareness Trust was established to secure the long-term future of the organisation, providing a vehicle for fundraising, investment, receipt of charitable donations (including scholarships) and organisational support.


The Trust is currently looking for new trustees.

Becoming a member of the Trust Board provides valuable and meaningful governance experience for young professionals that can otherwise be very difficult to obtain. We currently meet once a quarter, so the time commitment can be very light, although there is scope for further engagement if you wish to lead a branch (e.g. scholarship management).


Both alumni and independent people from outside the organisation alike are encouraged to apply.

For more information or if you are interested in applying, please contact the current Trust Board Chairperson,

Andrew Chen at [email protected] for a chat.

Former Office-holders list

Click here for the list of former office-holders, from 1999 onwards.

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