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Your attendance at a UN Youth event or programme is bound by certain conditions, unless stated otherwise.

You are required to pay any applicable registration fees

All registered attendees (including, but not limited to, participants, delegates and conference assistants) are expected to attend the event and pay the registration fee.

If you are no longer able to attend an event, you should notify the event organiser or organising committee by the applicable deadline:

  • For Regional Events, you must notify us within one week of the event date.

  • For National Events, you must notify us with two weeks of the event date.

In order to get a refund for registration fees paid upfront, you must have notified us of your inability to attend by the applicable date above, or have a valid reason why you did not attend, and have submitted a refund request to [email protected].

As much of the costs are incurred prior to the event, it may not always be possible to refund any monies paid unless you cancel by the notification date.

On the rare occasion UN Youth has to cancel an event, it will endeavor to refund any monies paid promptly. If the event is rescheduled, please be aware there may be refund limitations.

These conditions do not apply to International Events which are subject to individual contract terms between the participant and UN Youth.

You must provide us with an alternative contact

When registering or applying for an event or programme, we require the details of a parent, legal guardian or emergency contact. In the event of an emergency at one of our events or programmes, UN Youth will communicate with your alternative contact. You can update this contact at any time and you can change it for each event you attend.


Certain UN Youth documents and protocols apply to you

In addition to these conditions, you and UN Youth are bound by:

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