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The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) is the premier annual international conference in which UN Youth participates. It is hosted annually at The Hague, with around 4,000 students from all over the world taking part in a week-long Model UN in which each delegation represents the views of another country. The conference provides participants with an unparalleled opportunity to engage with like-minded students from around the world, to develop their debating and negotiation skills, and to deepen their knowledge of UN systems.

Before arriving for the conference, the THIMUN delegation will travel for approximately 18 days on a study tour spanning New York, Geneva, Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam. The THIMUN tour and conference will take place during January 2015.

If you would like to know more about THIMUN, you can visit the delegation’s blog here:

You can visit the 2014 blog here:

And the 2013 blog here:  


UN Youth has a proud tradition of sending delegations to THIMUN. Delegates are selected from the New Zealand Model United Nations, trained intensively (with a training weekend in December), and then unleashed upon the conference!


Delegation Information

Applications for the New Zealand Schools' Delegation to THIMUN 2015 have now closed. We selected our delegation of 22 during New Zealand Model UN 2014. Congratulations to the following students!

Head of Delegation: 
Sukey Allen

Deputy Head of Delegation:
Michael Ball

Emily McCarthy
Daniel Maier-Gant
Timothy Paterson-Catto
Duo Ao Sun
Nadya Fauzia
William Briscoe
Isabelle Kwek
Micah Hill-Smith
Diana Qiu
Jonah Tan
James Pearce
Madison Hughes
Jayden van Leeuwen
Edward Roche
Mackenzie Edwards
Stewart Sowman-Lund
Penelope Peng
Dayeon Lee
Gianina Schwanecke
William Fulton

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the 2015 Director, Ana Lenard at

applications - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can be a personal or school reference?
For your school reference, you can get a principal, a teacher or your dean to write a reference. For a personal reference, it can be just about anybody – an employer would be a good example. Your referees should explain how they know you, and why they think you would be suitable to be a member of the delegation.

I don't have a New Zealand passport – can I still apply?
Yes you can – in previous years we have had delegates travelling on other passports, and we will make arrangements for that.

Does my copy of my birth certificate/passport need to be certified?
No, the copy is just for our records.

When will I find out if I have been shortlisted for an interview?
You will find out on the first day of NZ Model UN 2014. If shortlisted, you will receive a letter (in your delegate pack) which will provide the time and location of your interview.

I know a lot of other people applying from my school/region – will you take a maximum number from each school/region?
We consider each application on its own merits, disregarding which school/region you attend. If we have several applicants from one school for example, this will not put your application at any disadvantage.

What are you looking for when you are selecting delegates?
We are looking for a variety of things in the applications – students who will benefit from the trip, who will be able to work well with the rest of the delegation, and students who will represent UN Youth and New Zealand well at the THIMUN conference, for example.

Who can write my character reference? 

In the personal or character reference we are looking to get the opinion of someone who has worked with you – that might be someone in a leadership position, a coach or a mentor.  

We are flexible as to who that person is – but it is probably best to get someone who has had involvement with you that can provide an objective perspective. That means that your best mate or someone you go to school with is probably not the most useful person to provide a reference! 

Do I really need to supply a passport photo as well as a photocopy of my passport?  

The reason why we ask for a separate photo (one of the little passport squares) is so that, if you are selected, we can use that for lanyards for the THIMUN conference itself. As such, a photocopy of the passport won't quite do the job.

Any queries regarding the delegation should be directed to Ana Lenard at


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