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Wed, 30 Jun


Victoria University of Wellington

NZ Model United Nations Volunteer Registrations

Registrations Close on 2nd May 2021 Tickets Price is $30

Registration is Closed
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NZ Model United Nations Volunteer Registrations
NZ Model United Nations Volunteer Registrations

Time & Location

30 Jun 2021, 10:00 am – 04 Jul 2021, 5:00 pm

Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn, Wellington 6012, New Zealand

About the Event


Registration is $30 for volunteers and you will be sent an invoice once you have been accepted to the conference.


NZ Model UN (NZMUN) is UN Youth’s flagship Model UN conference. The event offers four days of thrilling debate, engaging guest speakers, and an all round inspiring experience. Due to the high quality of educational content and facilitation, delegates of all skill levels interested in global affairs, debating, or civics have the chance to experience the Model UN format at its most premier level. Guaranteed to provide education, excitement, and fun, this event is not to be missed.

Hosted at Victoria University in the heart of Wellington, NZMUN offers secondary school students the chance to experience life as a diplomat. Between engaging problem-solving workshops, to simulated committee sessions, students will be given a platform to discuss important topics relevant to global affairs. In the process of debate, students will learn more about the world and their place in it as a global citizen. Furthermore, as a cohort of 280 like-minded individuals, students can band together, build friendships, and tackle the world – one problem at a time.

Delegates will emerge from NZMUN, more equipped to make a difference in their communities, and become empowered to make an impact on the decision making which affects them.


We are a non-profit organisation that provides civics education outside the traditional classroom context. Through fun workshops and conferences, we engage youth in the most pressing affairs of their country and the international community. Our goal is to inspire young New Zealanders to be active, global citizens. Global citizenship exists in an incredibly diverse range of forms, and UN Youth provides opportunities for delegates to develop their own form of active citizenship. Throughout Aotearoa, our work equips young people to become informed, engaged, and critical New Zealanders who understand their global context and the connections between the local and the global. Annually, over 3000 young New Zealanders from Northland to Southland attend a UN Youth event, run by a body of 150 volunteers across the country who dedicate many hours of their time to engaging young people and growing the organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: When applying you will only have 20 minutes to fill in your application form and there is a word limit of 400 characters which is around 64 words. We would recommend writing out your answers on a separate document and then copying your answers in afterwards.


Committee Sessions

Each delegate will experience three committee sessions throughout the conference. These sessions are designed to encourage debate, critical thinking, and negotiation skills between delegates. There are also 3 special committees, in which select delegates are able to demonstrate a high level of in-depth problem solving as it pertains to certain UN bodies – such as the UN Security Council, the International Court of Justice, and NZMUN Crisis Committees.


Workshops feature engaging scenarios and formats which give delegates a chance to showcase and learn communication, creative thinking, and persuasive speaking skills. Separate from committee sessions, workshops do not require the delegates to be representing their countries while in them, but are rather a means of engaging delegates on an interactive level. Previous workshops have included Interactive Problem Solving (IPS) scenarios, ethics workshops, and negotiation based workshops.

Apart from the educational content, there are also many social aspects to NZMUN. Chiefly, the Opening Ceremony, Regional Group Dinners, and of course, the Gala – a highly anticipated cocktail-style evening event for delegates to dance and network at the end of what is sure to have been an invigorating conference!


We aim to make our conference accessible to all participants, so if you have accessibility needs, we will do our best to accommodate those. Please let us know how we can help you!


Volunteering at NZ Model UN will give you the opportunity to develop your leadership, communication and teamwork skills. It is a great chance to make new friends and to have a lasting impact on the youth of New Zealand. Below is an overview of the volunteer roles available.

Please note: volunteering is open to high school leavers and above only.


The Chair controls the debate, determines speaking order, and overall sets the one in their committee. Usually our most experienced volunteers, chairs must bring forward a large amount of institutional knowledge and experience. They must be familiar with New Zealand Model UN protocols and procedures. They must also be able to lead a unit of other conference assistants and facilitate a strong and supportive environment of growth. Chairs at NZMUN 2021 will be expected to liaison heavily with welfare and other CA’s in their committees.


The Secretary ensures that a committee is able to run smoothly. They receive amendments, make clarifications, and control AV systems in committees – essentially they’re the CA’s that make sure things happen. Secretary also work closely with chairs, and later on, in the conference may have the opportunity to chair committees. We need someone who is able to process and understand multiple questions, queries, and submissions at any one time as well as someone who is confident with using a computer.

Special Rapporteur

Special Rapporteurs are each committee’s content expert. Their main responsibility is helping their committee reach a resolution by deciding which amendments will be debated and clarifying any queries on the discussion topic. Background knowledge is not essential if the applicant is willing to research and learn the committee topic. If you are accepted for this role, you will be required to write a short background briefing on your assigned topic for delegates before the conference.

Regional Group Facilitator

Regional Group Facilitators have the all-important task of leading a particular ‘Regional Group’ (a team of 30 delegates) throughout the conference. Regional Group Facilitators shape delegates’ experiences at NZ Model UN, motivating and inspiring each one to pursue their individual goals, whilst running fun social activities and thought-provoking workshops.

Press Delegate Facilitator

Press Delegate Facilitators will guide and mentor Press Corp in a wide range of activities personalized to their role. By facilitating unique workshops, assisting their Press Corp team in writing articles, and supporting them within committees, our ‘PDFs’ are essential to guiding press delegates through the world of investigative journalism.

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officers hold the essential responsibility of supporting the welfare of both delegates and volunteers at NZ Model UN. The ability to handle sensitive issues with a caring attitude and open ears are absolutely required as all Welfare Officers must constantly be approachable for unwell, stressed or upset participants. Welfare Officers with particular past experience or knowledge may be given certain specialisations, such as pastoral care, mental wellbeing, or first aid. A First Aid Certificate is required to be considered as a Welfare Officer.

Those wishing to be considered for Head of Welfare must apply by the 12th of April 2021.

Logistics Facilitator

Logistics Facilitators work behind the scenes to ensure that NZ Model UN runs as smoothly as possible. Logistics Facilitators are organised, balanced individuals with excellent time management. Without a strong Logistics team, NZ Model UN would never get off the ground.

Their tasks will range from setting up catering, to helping lost delegates and keeping conference looking sharp (as well as always being the first ones to eat!).

Media Team

The media team, that consists of photographers and videographers, play a vital role in capturing the memories that delegates and CAs will love to revisit long after NZ Model UN 2021 is over. They are the ones responsible for truly making our conference unforgettable. Previous experience and skills will be essential, but the experience is certain to be rewarding. A small portfolio may be required on application.


As a conference, we strive to do our very best to be as equitable and inclusive as possible for all of our CAs and delegates. Both the Māori and Pasifika liaison roles are invaluable to the delegate experience, particularly for students from Māori and Pasifika communities. In the past, Māori and Pasifika liaisons have mentored delegates and provided them with guidance and opportunities to socialise with other like-minded people from similar backgrounds. The liaison roles were created to allow students from diverse communities to experience what can sometimes be a very Pākehā conference experience, and as a liaison, you would have the freedom to explore how this experience can be best delivered.

Please note that MPI Liaison is not a standalone role. If you are offered the role of MPI Liaison you will also be offered another role alongside it.


NZMUN 2021 has several hardship, equity, and committee scholarships on offer. Below is a list of the various funding you can apply for when you fill out the registration form in the ‘REGISTER’ or ‘VOLUNTEER REGISTRATIONS’ tabs. There are a number of additional scholarships you can apply for at the bottom of this page.

Note: No scholarship applications will be considered once delegate and volunteer applications have closed.


These scholarships cover the conference fee and are awarded on a case by case basis after considering factors such as need, quality of application, and the benefits of receiving the scholarship. These are allocated by the Organising Committee considering the application holistically.


Applicants of Māori and/ or Pāsifika descent are eligible to apply for these scholarships, which cover the conference fee. A limited number of scholarships are available and each application will be considered holistically.


These scholarships are offered by UN Member State embassies located in New Zealand and take varied forms. Some embassies will pay for a delegates’ conference fee, while others may opt for a non-financial offer of an embassy visit or both. These are decided by blind marking based on the strength of an application and awarded to select delegates whose applications show depth and quality.


These scholarships are available for any volunteers and will cover the Conference Assistant conference fee. The scholarships will be awarded on a needs basis.


In addition to the above, volunteers and delegates may also apply for a grant from the National Equity Fund to help cover conference-related costs. 

Note: the National Equity Fund is a separate grant. You may apply for both a scholarship and NEF grant, but only one or the other will be awarded.

For any questions about the event, feel free to contact our Registrations Officer Laurie Duncan at

This registration submission authorises UN Youth New Zealand the right to capture my image and likeness in photos, videos and other media footage (“footage”). Additionally, it authorises UN Youth New Zealand the right to edit, publish and distribute any and all footage of me without any compensation to be used for any lawful purpose (e.g. creating promotional material).This registration submission authorises UN Youth New Zealand the right to collect, store and use any and all demographic information of me to be used for any lawful purpose (e.g. tracking who our organisation is reaching). This demographic information will not be individually identifiable. The foregoing authorisations shall continue indefinitely unless I otherwise revoke them in writing to


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